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DIY Custom Shop

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This is a community for people who like to make custom diy (do-it-yourself) work for other people. Ei: you allow people to choose how your product/item is put together.


+ DIY items only.
+ Only items that people may request customs of.
+ Please use an lj-cut for large and many images.
+ NO offensive content, or being rude. No flaming.
+ No legal items.
+ Ask before promoting your community. cougar_paw05@yahoo.com I'll say yes as long as you promote this one in yours.
+ Do not future date posts.
+ Do not disable comments.
+ No large images. There is no pixel limit, you know when something is too large. If posts break the frames or throw off windows it will be deleted.
+ The mod is not respondable for behavior of the sellers or buyers, non payers or dead beat sellers. Any sellers or buyers that are dishonest or trouble makers will be banned.
+ Please provide complete information about requesting or a link to the information.
+ Looking for something special? Feel free to request to gather the interest of a DIYer. Please put "CUSTOM REQUEST" in your subject line.

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