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Soaps, Lotions, Perfumes, Enchanted Sprays, Mojo Bags...

Soaps, Lotions, Perfumes, Enchanted Sprays, Mojo Bags...

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Organic and vegan herbal soaps, lotions, butters and more! I grow most of the herbs in my garden (my favorite hobby). 
As you know, herbs have various properties and can be used for everything from cleaning and purifying and seasoning to bringing about protection, money or love.

I have an etsy store, but I have many more products that I routinely make for locals that are not yet listed. 
Some of these products include: 

Enchanted Body Sprays or Perfumes to ease anxiety, bring about sleep, to bring good dreams, to attract money, love, protection, etc. I have general recipes in my book, but I create custom blends for customers with specific desires and requests. Email me if you have questions about how these are made and how they work.

Herbal sachets (also called mojo or gris-gris bags) are another thing people often request. These can be hung around your house, kept in a drawer or under your pillow. When made the right way and filled with very specific items, these sachets can be used for bringing about a desired change. 

Of course contact me if you have any questions about herbs and their spiritual or medicinal properties and if you would like to place an order for an enchanted body spray or gris-gris bag (or any kind of candle or ritual work in general, I'm open to these things from time to time). 

Feel free to add my etsy shop to your favorites; I have many products that I'm making labels and forcing my friends to try before they're etsy-ready. I can always whip up a batch of custom soap for you (even if you only want a bar or two, I can always sell the other bars from my basket ;) )


or email me at  


Most of my soaps are currently $5, but I have smaller sizes (small bars or shell-shaped pieces) for $2.50. Also not listed on etsy is my Cocoa Orange lip balm, $4 ( + $2 for shipping) for 1 oz, $9 (free shipping :) ) for 2 oz :)

Coconut lavender soap (currently not on my etsy shop but available upon request)

This is an amazing sugar scrub; I use it on my hands, face, arms, legs... everywhere. Not everyday (although you could..)
I swear to you, stir it up with your finger, rub it through your wet hands (feels orgasmic) or around your face... leave on for a minute or two if you want and then rinse... 100% guaranteed more soft, toned and beautiful! This is my favorite scent, I call it "Forest Rose". It has rose petals and hints of pine... This is a terrible picture, I'm working on presentation. Email me if you want some :) This sized jar is $5 + $2 for shipping.

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